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Denny Driver: Artist

The colorful and whimsical art of Denny Driver celebrates Life and explores the Human Condition through Puns, Patterns, and Paint. Each piece is hand rendered, paint on canvas. Denny uses brushed on latex enamel for the basic shapes & rendering, and applies detail with a spectrum of assorted paint pens, giving his paintings a unique and impactful look.


Denny says his work explores how color behaves in relation to other colors; the basis behind color theory. "Outlining a color in black tends to make a color richer and more vibrant," he says. Denny’s paintings, like mosaics of color and black, incorporate elements of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Aboriginal Art with numerous patterns and textures of his own creation.

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Studying graphic arts at the Art Institute

of Seattle, Denny earned a degree

in Visual Communications. Making their

home in Yakima WA, Denny lives with

his wife, Robin, and their son, Eli

(AKA Studio Mate).