Photo Gallery

11-10-18 #6.jpg

Denny (and Studio Mate, Eli)

with fellow artist Jeff Border

(who hosted them

for the weekend in El Cerrito, CA) 

discussing Denny's work on the wall

(Snakes & Arrows).

November 10, 2018

Scene from the _Love in a Steampunk Worl

"Love in a Steampunk World"

Opening Reception, February, 8, 2019

at the 4th Street Gallery in Loveland, CO (Greater Denver) With Denny's Piece,

"The Great American Love Story (Part 1)"

in the background.

11-10-18 #7.jpg

Here is Denny at Arc Gallery (San Francisco) discussing art, philosophy, and logistics with fellow artist, Gabriel Mills of New York City (Harlem).

6-2-17  (Burien City Hall) #1.jpg

Denny Discusses his work

with two gallery patrons

at the Burien Arts

Association Gallery.

June 2, 2017

2-26-17 Rusty Raven #08.jpg

Denny Installing work at

the Rusty Raven Gallery in Kent, WA February 26, 2017

Denny with his Diptych Painting

"Poncho's Pieces of Eight"

on Display at Parklane Gallery

in  Kirkland WA August, 2014